• Enterprising Farmers

    Farming for the market is a business

    Farming for the market is a business. It is enterprising in that farmers use land, labour, and capital for production, marketing and distribution. Successful farmers can also maximize profits as all other successful businesses by seeking the widest market for their produce, and thus the highest prices available. Successful farmers also budget carefully and keep careful accounts and plan their investments of time and capital so as to maximize their yield and income.

  • Agri-Tech Innovators

    Addressing critical problems of farmers

    Often described as the fourth agricultural revolution – a marriage of data, farming and technological innovation including biotechnology. It is hoped that it will further transform the industry and help us to achieve unrealised levels of productivity and resource effectiveness. Agriculture is going through a changeover because of agri-tech. We will see more dynamics in the industry and it is hoped that agri-tech will change the business of agriculture. But the user experience and scalability of Agtech is not the same as consumer tech, therefore Innovators have to critically address the real problems of farmers if they are to succeed.

  • Agri-Food Entrepreneurs

    Reimagining global food systems

    Each year one third of the food we produce globally goes to waste while millions suffer from hunger and poor nutrition. In addition many farmers, particularly in developing countries who are at the mercy of supply and demand earn poor returns on farming. A huge proportion of the responsibility to drive better environmental practices, ensure food security and improve farmer livelihoods depends on food processors, restaurants, brands and retailers. We need food entrepreneurs to define new business models and help reimagine global food systems.

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