2.3 Venture Capital MechanicsAgri-Tech Innovators


Venture capital funding in the sector has grown 75% since 2014 reaching nearly $480m investment in 2019.  Agtech includes everything from sensors, IOT  and apps for precision farming to  biotechnology for improving pest and climate resistance. It does not fit the standard mould. It is a horizontal sector, covering all groups of technology and business models from inside the farm gate, to inputs, to marketplaces and even fintech. But even if a small proportion of these VC investments produces successful innovations, it could multiply farm yields through minimal resource use and less environmental impact. Such gain could be unmatched since the early days of mechanization.

In this unit, you will learn:

  1. What Venture Capitalists (VCs) do and How they evaluate opportunities.
  2. Appreciate the VC landscape for Agritech
  3. Understand and apply a simple tool to valuate your Agtech startup.
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